Monday, 16 April 2012

Shopping @ TOPSHOP !

A collection of fabulous clothes from TOPSHOP were chosen by Fashion Mania just for YOU !

Casual look

Tie neck maxi Dress (12 KD)
Baroque bow HeadBand (3.500 KD)
Aztec metel drop Earrings (9 KD)
Larg straw tote Bag (14 KD)
Vest clear perspex point Shoes (12 KD)

Floral print floaty Blouse (17 KD)
Long Foil hieroglyphic (PINK) Skirt (53 KD)
Short Tangerine dip back (ORANGE) back Skirt (12.500 KD)
Canvas weekend hobo Bag (19 KD)
Harris chain heeled Sandals (12.500 KD)

Ultimate fluro beaded Vest (33 KD)
Moto organic blue baxter Jean (18 KD)
Circle triangle drop Earrings (4 KD)
Nylon colorful flash holdall Bag (14 KD)
Whistle espadrille Wedges (18.500 KD)

Burnout low armhole Vest (4.5oo KD)
Jordan Jeans (21 KD)
Calypso print Hair Tie (3.500 KD)
Yellow wide studded Cuff (11 KD)
Frosted plastic Holdall Bag (11 KD)
Fringe leather tassle ( Blue or Yellow ) Sandals (20 KD)

Curve hem Tank (4.500 KD)
Palm print Leggings (9 KD)
Thread cube Pendant (4.500 KD)
Studded fabric Wrist wear (5 KD)
Sacha Bag (26.500 KD)
Graffiti sporty toecap points "Shoe" (24 KD)

Formal look

Watermelon boyfriend Blazer (29 KD)
Cropped Vest (3 KD)
Moto vintage floral jamie Jeans (20 KD)
Binocular case Bag (13 KD)
Three cube Ring (4 KD)
Vest clear perspex point Shoes (12 KD)

Structured Blazer (29 KD)
Floral Tee (16 KD)
Moto contrast weft leigh Jeans (17 KD)
Leather pocket tote Bag (29 KD)
Reim super skinny Sandals (20 KD)

Black boyfriend Blazer (29 KD)
Key racerback Vest (15.500 KD)
Keys print silk Scarf (15.500 KD)
Zip detail capri Trousers (16 KD)
Sofia boucle Bag (21 KD)
Magpie2 toecap pointed Shoes (13 KD)

Evening look

Embellished longsleeve Top (38 KD)
Moto meyallic gold Leigh (20 KD)
Tear drop Bag (13 KD)
Scooter sporty platform Sandal (34.500 KD)
Vest clear perspex point Shoes (12 KD)

Scarf print zip Bralet (8 KD)
Grunge ditsy floral Skirt (14 KD)
Resin spike square Earrings (4.500 KD)
Leather chain Clamp (6 KD)
Stud pattern Bag (6.500 KD)
Pablo pointed court Shoes (29 KD)

Neon lace flippy Dress (20.500 KD)
Metal orbit stud Earrings (5.500 KD)
Limited edition heart Purse (7 KD)
Game pointed court Shoes (21 KD)

Note: those are the online prices from the internet, they might be different in Kuwait

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