Monday, 30 April 2012

Get The Aztec Look

One of the trends for this season (Summer 2012)
Aztec Print

Aztec clothing is the clothing that was worn by the Aztecs, as well as other pre-Columbian peoples of central Mexico who shared similar cultures.

The Aztec people were certain ethnic groups of central Mexico. "Aztec" is the Nahuatl word for "people from Aztlan", Often the term "Aztec" refers exclusively to the Mexica people of Tenochtitlan (now the location of Mexico City).

Aztec women wore a blouse called huīpīlli (also called huipil in Spanish and English) and a skirt called cuēitl. In the Classical Nahuatl language, the couplet cueitl huipilli "skirt and blouse" was used metaphorically to mean "woman".

Cream Embellished Kaftan Top (11 KD)
Red Aztec Print Wrap Front Skirt (12.500 KD)
Gold Tone Sun Stud Earrings (3 KD)
Brown Plaited Strap Sandals (9 KD)

 The Aztec would tend to always decorate themselves with gold bangles, necklaces, chokers, etc Such jewelry, Gold and silver jewelry was worn alongside ornaments made of feathers, shells, leather, and stones.

Green Longline Vest (7 KD)
Green Aztec Print Wrap Front Skirt (12.500 KD)
Gold Tone Bead And Spike Necklace (5.500 KD)
Gold Tone Inscribed Twisted Skinny Bracelet (3 KD)
Black Bead And Animal Print Sandals (20 KD)

Maternity Puff Print Aztec Vest (9 KD)

River Island
Silver Tone Ethnic Drop Earrings (3 KD)
Blue Aztec Print Wrap Front Belted Maxi Skirt (12.500 KD)
White Fringe Sandals (20 KD)

Black Aztec Embelished Tunic Top (45 KD)
Black Geometric Print Earrings (3 KD)
Black Weave Fold Over Clutch (7 KD)
Black Metal Heel Sandals (31.500 KD)

Beige Eagle Print Fringed Tank (10 KD)
Beige Aztec Print Side Pipe Leggings (8 KD)
Gold Tone Cube And Charm Friendship Bracelet (2 KD)
Dark Grey Tassel Ankle Boots (29 KD)

Orange Aztec Print Midi Dress (13.500 KD)
Pink Snake Aviator Sunglasses (6 KD)
Brown Feather And Suede Drop Earrings (4 KD)
Coral Fringe Bag (16 KD)
Coral Stud Strappy Sandals (20 KD)

 Top (5.900 KD)
Denim Shorts (9 KD)
Sunglasses (2.700 KD)
Earring (2.700 KD)
Sandals (11 KD)

Top (3.600 KD)
Skirt (3.600 KD)
Necklace (4.500 KD)
Bracelet (3 KD)

Aztec Print Midi Dress (12.500 KD)
Gold Aztec Band Ring (3 KD)

 Aztec Sequin Top (14 KD)
Aztec Print Panel Legging (10 KD)

Miss Selfridge
 Aztec Print Column Maxi Dress (21 KD)
Green Aztec Pendant Necklace (4.500 KD)

New Look
 Chinese Laundry Aztec Platform Shoes (43 KD)

Gold Aztec Pendant Necklace (6 KD)
Gold Aztec Drop Earrings (4 KD)

Naomi Mustard Aztec Maxi Dress (16 KD)
Navaho Beaded Necklace (4.500 KD)
Yellow Beaded Clutch Bag (10 KD)

Blue Techno Aztec Cross Back Maxi Dress (12.500 KD)
Chinese Laundry Aztec Strappy Wedge (27 KD)
Purple Star Disc Earrings (1.800 KD)

Mizumi Aztec Tie Front Top (9 KD)
Black and White Spike Aztec Leggings (6 KD)

Note: those are the online prices from the internet, they might be different in Kuwait

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