Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Quick Shopping !

Al Muhallab

New Collection From Bimba & Lola

Small BUFALO bags
Around 79 KD Each

Amazing Colors and different shapes of Bags
From Left:
-Open Bag (159 KD) .. COLOUR: Aqua green
-Suitcase styled Bag (130 KD) .. COLOUR: Plum
- Satchel style bag (136 KD) .. COLOUR: Red

Mint Green, Gold and Rose Gold Sandals (Around 50 KD)

Al Fanar Complex
I like H&M Sign: Fashion Never Sleeps, So Neither We...

Back to the 50's era with MAC !

And check this neon sandal from shoe box (19 KD)

Special offer @NineWest Al Fanar عروض خاصة لدى نانين ويست

Lips Sandal From Maria Pino - Al Fanar (102 KD)

The Avenues

Girls check this neon handbags and clutch From Aldo

I bought from this colourful pants from Vero Moda
only 7 KD !

Also, I bought the green one from shoe box (81 KD)

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