Friday, 30 March 2012

D&G Vs River Island

Before we start you should know the fashion this season is all about print and colorful material, So I'll show you clothes from river island similar designs to D&G spring/summer 12 Fashion Show ..

Note: those are river island online prices in the net, add to them 5-10 KD for the price in Kuwait

Similar material & idea from D&G and River Island (15 KD)

Similar idea and print: D&G and River Island (11 kd)

Similar colours and print: D&G and River Island ( Skirt 6.500 KD) (Dress 13KD)

Similar Design: D&G and river island (13 kd)

Similar idea: D&G and river island ( Top 13 KD ) ( Skirt 11 KD )

Similar gipsy design: D&G and river island ( Skirt 19,500 KD ) ( Top 11 KD )

Similar Design: D&G and River Island ( Top 13 KD ) ( TROUSERS 13 KD )

Similar Print and Colors: D&G and River Island ( Top 13 KD )

similar style: D&G - River Island Earrings, TURQUOISE shoe (22 KD) and the PLAYSUIT (13 KD)

Hope you enjoyed our cheap and chic tweets with river island and D&G spring/summer 12 collection

Let's talk about ( clutch bags ) !

A clutch is a small purse just large enough to hold necessities, designed to be clutched in the hand ..

Every girl should have at least 2 clutches silver & gold to match whatever she's wearing for a party ..

Bottega clutches from 400 to 2000 kd

Expensive? Don't worry u can find similar to bottega clutch with low prices, check this !


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