Friday, 20 April 2012

The Art Of Nail Polish 2012

If you're fond of this modern art, this nail polish can grant you with a rich repertoire of manicure designs. Turn your nails into the top attraction of party events. Don't let monotony sneak into your weekdays. Instead, master the art of nail polish application and come up with innovative ideas on how to perk things up a bit. Always use high quality formulas that preserve the spotless condition of your nails. Let yourself be overwhelmed by a few scene-stealing designs.


 This season the nail polish art to choose Different colors for your nail
 you can choose any color for the Base and other color at the End of the nail 

  look more calm with brown as the base color 
 and colorful at the end of the nail


 If you want to look more elegant
you can try this ideas White nail polish with Black Frame


To look stylish, colorful nail art is a really a good idea, 
one color for each of your nails  it’s beautiful but if you want to look more stylish with it, 
you can also apply lines on your nails as you see above 

you can try to use Gold leaf manicure as you see above


Use a versatile color palette together with different stickers, glitter and beads if you wish to take your nail painting skills to the next level


Polka dot pattern is not only popular in clothing but it can 
also make your nails look much more beautiful and stylish

This nail art looks unique and will make your nails look more elegant 
 Black nail polish studded with gold Suitable for combined with leather jacket for evening look, its will look nice also White nail polish for morning look

 For those who in love with m&ms and want to look colorful this season
you can use the above idea to paint your nails ;)

Fruits Nail Polish the perfect nail polish for summer, I feel eating them LOl !




Cartoon characters radiate a joyful attitude towards beauty trends 
Show off your love affair with these cute designs


 Animals nail polish .. cute ! ;p

Let's play Dominos ;) 

 Fast Food addicted, what do you think of this ?
Funky but for me I hate long nails, not classy at all !

hey sporty, you always can make it your way with this unusual (canvas shoes) nail polish

There's nothing more amazing than trying all these funky fresh nail art trends that prove to be the best accessories to complete your party-chic look !

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