Sunday, 22 April 2012

Calong New Collection

Before two weeks I was invited by @Calonge_kw At Tala Center to take a look at their new collection

I liked their collection it was colorful and shiny with great prices, perfect for summer !

A Card Holder with Three colors


Cross Bag with 3 zippers

 ID Hanger

Mobile Hanger

Also there's Men Section !

Some of their prices

Shoe (35 kd) 
men's bag (35 kd)
heart shape coin wallet (5 kd)
key case (10 kd)
wallet (27 kd)

These small cross bags are for (36 kd)
 and the wallet is for (30 kd)

small cross bags are for (36 kd)


Handbraided leather accessories 

Contact number: 65020550  

Address: Salmiya - Salem Al Mubarak Street - Tala Centre - Ground floor

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