Sunday, 20 May 2012


Top (6.500  KD)
Ballet pumps (6.500 KD)
 Leather bag (26.500 KD)

Denim shorts (8.800 KD)

Powder pink/Pattern Dress (6.500 KD)
Light Pink Dress (12 KD)
Sandals (11 KD)
Hair clip/brooch (.800 Fils)

Blouse (5.700 KD)
Bikini top (3.500 KD)
Bikini bottoms (3.500 KD)
Straw hat (3.500 KD)
Shoes (11 KD)

Shorts (13 KD)
Bag (5.700 KD) For Each

Straw hat with a wide brim, edge trim and wide band with a fabric flower - (4.500 KD)
 Straw hat with a wide brim and rose-patterned band - (3.500 KD)
Soft straw hat with a grosgrain band around the brim - (3 KD)

Visor (3 KD)
Nail Polish (1.300 KD)

Note: those are the online prices from the internet, some of them might be different in Kuwait

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