Friday, 25 May 2012

American Flag For This Season

Flag Fringe Top (5 KD)

 American Flag Bralet (5 KD)

 Moto Acid Flag Western Jacket (20 KD)

Petite Flag Hotpants (15 KD)

 Te Amo Red USA Flag Jumper (10 KD)
Mizumi American Flag Maxi Dress (10 KD)
American Flag Hotpants (4 KD)

 Only Stay Forever USA Flag White Tee (7.900 KD)
American Flag Legging (5.700 KD)
Iron Fist All Star Wedge Boots (48 KD)

 From Left:
American Flag Arrow Print Tank Top (5.700 KD)
White American Flag Cropped Vest (4 KD)

 Cream Stiched Stars and Stripes US Flag T-Shirt (3.500 KD)
American Flag Print Skirt (10 KD)

Abbey Dawn US Flag Zip Front Leggings (17.500 KD)
Abbey Dawn Rock Star Platform (24 KD)

 Cream American Flag Print Swear Top (11 KD)
Blue USA Flag Print House Of Holland Tights (6.500 KD)

American Flag Dress (167 KD)

Flag Pocket Shorts (45 KD)

 Cailyn American Flag Tank Top (15 KD)

Flag Printed Tee In Various Colors (14 KD)

  Juniors American Flag Print Bandeau Swim Top
Juniors Reversible American Flag Print Triangle Swim Top
Juniors American Flag Print Side Tie Swim Bottom
(4 KD) For Each !

Appliquéd cotton clutch (74 KD)

Flag Pattern Earrings (3 KD)

From The Left:
Texas American Flag Extreme Platform Heels (13 KD)
Manhatten American Flag Peeptoe Heels (11 KD)

Stars and Stripes Women's Vegan Classics (15 KD)

Note: those are the online prices from the internet, some of them might be different in Kuwait

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